ACCOR Egypt Consultations

About Us

Accor Egypt Consultations is one of the most promising consultancy Agency established 2018

Our Founder

Mohammed Seif Al Nasr Al Obaidy
Possesses over 16 years of practical on-field experience in sales, marketing & business development in Egypt, turkey & GCC, through successful cooperation with prominent foundations in the region:
Why Choose Accor Egypt ?

Accor’s primary pillars are simple practical rules, that we wisely established, and loyally abide to through our shared path towards achieving our clients goals and objectives, which is Accor’s first abiding rule; client’s goals are as well Accor’s ultimate objective. We look to sincerity seriously, and for us it means that once bonded to a client in a target oriented relationship, we consider ourselves together with our client as one
Realizing that every client has special requirements, we work to build the best strategies that are suitable to every independent situation
Constant evaluation and analysis to every small step towards success is inevitable to reaching our shared goals. For us, this is what implies putting accumulated experience into effective practice
Investments are fueled by precious resources, therefor, we wisely spend maximum efforts into ensuring running such resources through the best efficiency management
Our target is only achieved when your set goals are